Ali & Jen

May 24, 2015

Because a lot of you will be coming in for the holiday weekend, we wanted to plan some activities in case you guys wanted to join. It would be great if you are interested in any or all of the activities if you can let us know through the contact page so that we can accommodate everyone. 

  • Friday the 22nd- Amber & Tarasa (see Who's Who) are planning on a joint bachelorette party for who ever would like to join. 
  • Saturday the 23rd- We will be renting Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks in Jack London Square near the hotel. Rentals are $20/hour and start at 10am.
  • ​In the afternoon Martha(see Who's Who) is going to host a walking urban wine tour.  Jen and Martha love to do these on there bikes throughout Oakland. 
  • In the evening the wedding party(see Who's Who) does a quick run through of the ceremony, we will all be gathering across the square at Plank for live music, dining, drinks, bowling, bocce ball of whatever floats your boat!
  • Sunday the 24th- Wedding day! To start us off right Kurty will guide us through a Yoga class in the Square around 10:00am.
  • Rest and relaxation is all that should be on the schedule as we all get ready for for the big event! 

​Special Requests

I am making personalized gifts for everyone, so can you please email me your initials and the initials of your guest?

Also, if you are married will you please send me a copy of your wedding picture for a project I'm doing for the wedding. Thank you in advance for sharing ;) 

Lastly, Jen and I LOVE country music as most of you know. Although there will be a variety of music from the band and Dj, we have requested country songs to be played for 2-Stepping! Sooooo, we were hoping that everyone would learn how to 2-Step before the wedding :D

Imagine how fun it will be..............

There are endless classes online but here are 3 to start

Little bit of a secret Jen REALLY wants to do a dollar dance so make sure you have your dollars!!!

YOU'RE the BEST!!! Thank you!

xo, Ali & Jen

​The Weekend​

Ali & Jen